Try this if you are facing issues while placing Netgear range extender

Netgear range extender setup process is quite quick and simple. But hold on! Setting and installing it up is only half work done. If you want to use the WiFi network extended by your Netgear WiFi range extender properly then you have to place it in a right position so that you could enjoy the uninterrupted internet connection all over your home.

You cannot place your range extender just like that anywhere in your home. It should be placed at a higher place near to your existing WiFi router. As soon as you plug in the Netgear WiFi range extender near to your router, then power LED on your extender will blink green.

If your extender doesn’t light a solid green color and you see red light instead of green, then turn off your range extender and turn it on after a few minutes. And, if the issue still persists, then fix Netgear extender red like issue like a pro.

Placement of Netgear wireless range extender near to electrical appliance and electronic gadgets is not right

If you have electrical appliances like a juicer, microwave, mixer grinder, washing machine or any other appliance, then it is advised – never place your range extender near to them.

If you do so, the WiFi signals extended by your range extender will automatically get reduced and you will face issue in your new extender setup process for sure. So, it is very important that during and after the Netgear extender setup process, it is essential to keep your range extender away from baby monitors, treadmill, security alarms, Bluetooth speaker and cordless phone too.

Once you are done with the placement part, you can process forward and set up your range extender easily like a pro. There are 2 easy ways to setup your Netgear extender.

If you are an Apple device owner, use mywifiext.local as a web address and if you own a Windows computer use as a web address.

If you are an Apple device owner, use mywifiext.local as a web address and if you own a Windows computer use as a web address.

Thick walls or any obstruction can block the range extender WiFi signals

If your Netgear range extender is placed near to thick walls, window or doors it would not be able to receive proper signals coming out from main home networking router. So, you should place your range extender to a place where it could receive a good amount of WiFi signals from your router without any obstruction.

Also, your main WiFi router should be up-to-date and place openly at a higher place only then it can be able to send signals to your range extender.

Best spot to place Netgear WiFi range extender

The best spot to place the Netgear range extender is halfway between the poor connectivity area and your main networking router. Well, the placement of Netgear range extender is not enough. You also have to keep this in mind that to keep the performance of your range extender stable and up running, you have to update Netgear extender’s firmware timely.

Your main networking router must be up-to-date too. As soon as you place your range extender in the right place and configure it with your WiFi-enabled devices, you can enjoy streaming music, live TV shows, online gaming, latest movies, etc.

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