It’s very simple to connect extender with WPS Method, few steps and you are done!!
  1. Plug in the extender and press the WPS Button on it.
  2. Now WPS light will start blinking on extender shows extender is getting configured with your Router WiFi Signals.
  3. Soon you can see 3 solid green lights on your extender signify your extender is configured with router signals.
  4. If your extender is dual band means supports 5GHZ, repeat the step 2 again.
  5. Now everything is set, you can connect to your extender network and enjoy internet benefits in dead zones.
If you’re still facing any trouble, don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-927-4505. We are HAPPY To HELP you.
Don’t know how to install the EX6100 as an access point or extender? Well, we’ve got your back! Here, we’ll make you aware of the know-how to get the job done. EX6100 as an Access Point
  1. Set the extender switch to access point.
  2. Connect an Ethernet cable from your router to the EX6100 Ethernet port.
  3. Plug the device into your electrical outlet near your router.
  4. Connect your WiFi devices to the EX6100 signal.
  5. Launch a web browser and navigate to
  6. The device will automatically identify the internet connection and apply settings.
  7. Enter the security settings for the extender and click on Continue.
  8. Connect to the extender wireless network and click on the Continue button.
  9. Finally, click on the Finish button and we are all set.
If you’re still facing any trouble, don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-927-4505. We are HAPPY To HELP you. EX6100 as an Extender
  1. Set the extender switch to extender.
  2. Plug in the device to an electrical outlet.
  3. Launch an Internet browser of your choice and go to
  4. Complete new extender setup Wizard
  5. Select SSID and click on Continue button.
  6. Enter network key and click on Continue to proceed further.
  7. Select Extender Network Name and click on Continue.
  8. Connect to extender network and click on Finish.
If you’re still facing any trouble, don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-927-4505. We are HAPPY To HELP you.
Is WPS not working for you? Don’t worry we have another alternative for you, follow the mentioned steps:
  1. Plug in the extender in power outlet.
  2. Open a browser in your computer and enter website
  3. Make an account using your email and password as word “password”.
  4. Select your router network.
  5. Enter password of your choice and click on Continue button.
  6. Connect your WiFi device to extender network and click on Finish.
  7. Now, you can see four green lights on extender signifies everything is good to go.
If you still have any trouble, reset the extender and follow the same process again or call us 1-888-927-4505 for support and assistance.
Want to access your router settings, a login is required to follow the mentioned steps and make changes and see different functionality of your NETGEAR Router. Login steps for NETGEAR router:
  1. First and foremost, make sure that you’re using the correct web address, username and password.
Note: In case you had previously modified the admin password for your router, the default password will no longer work.
  1. If you get an error while trying to access the NETGEAR router page, clear your web browser cache and try again.
  2. Another way to log in to your router is to use your router IP and enter correct username and password.
  3. If still, you are unable to log in to your router, power cycle the router and try to log in with the help of router IP or web-address, enter correct email and password and hit enter.
If still there is some issue, let us help you. Feel free to reach us at 1-888-927-4505, out support team will provide you with quick and timely solution.
Have you forgotten your WiFi password and having trouble in connecting more WiFi devices to your router network? No more worries, these simple steps will help you recover your WiFi password.
  1. Go to start menu or hit the Windows button on your keyboard.
  2. Type “View network connections” into the search bar and hit enter.
  3. Select the labeled WiFi in the appearing menu by right-clicking onto it.
  4. After the right-click, a menu bar appears on your screen.
  5. Choose “Status”.
  6. Then click on the button“show character” and your password is clearly visible on to your home screen.
  7. Make sure that you use a password which is easily remembered by you.
If still, it is hard to recover it, we are just one call 1-888-927-4505 away for your assistance.
Sometimes, when you attempt to access link for a wireless extender setup, you may get an error popup or can’t connect to the website. Different browsers can give different errors like:
  • Apple Safari: ‘Can’t find server’.
  • Mozilla Firefox: ‘Server not found. Firefox is unable to identify the server at’.
  • Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer: ‘You’re not connected to a network’ or ‘Page can’t be shown’.
  • Google Chrome: ‘Can’t connect to the Internet. Chrome is unable to show the website as your system is not connected to the Internet.
In order to resolve problems while accessing the said link, walk through the instructions below:
  1. Place your range extender in the same room as that of your wireless router. After the completion of the setup and your wireless router boasts a working connection, shift the extender to its anticipated position.
  2. Ensure that you have plugged your NETGEAR wireless range extender into a power source. In case the power LED lights up, it means that the extender is getting power.
  3. Type the default IP address of extender in the address bar of your browser.
  4. You can also make use of a different browser to confirm that the problem is not related to the browser you’re using.
  5. Use Ethernet cable to connect your system to the extender.
  6. Allocate a static IP address to your PC. Prior to doing any modifications in your network settings, you should note your existing default gateway or router IP address.
  7. Now enter extender IP address in your browser and you will be able to access website.
If you’re still unable to access your extender, feel free to contact us at 1-888-927-4505 to get an instant assistance from the industry specialists.