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Netgear Genie – The Ultimate Network Repair Tool

Netgear Genie is a popular buzzword in the world of internet. Network has become part and parcel of everyone’s life. In fact, today, without a network, one cannot imagine life. The IoT (Internet of things) has revolutionized the way we think and function. And adding to this is the new app which provides a dashboard for monitoring and repairing network through any smartphone or tablet, which is connected to it. A great way to remotely handle your network and take charge the app is one of its kinds.

Features of Netgear Genie:

  • Connect monitor and control the network settings of your home through smartphones or tablets.
  • Seamlessly stream videos and music files through My Media in your network through smartphones
  • Get prints from phones or iPads by adding Air Print compatibility to any printer.
  • Secure your connection through mobiles or tablets with a QR code, with EZ mobile connect feature.
  • Access the parental control feature easily through smartphones.
  • Network settings of Network App can be monitored and controlled easily.
  • In-house monitoring of all Guess Access in the network.
  • Monitor the WiFi Analytics of your network using the WiFi Analytics Feature.
  • Debug any issues in the network.

This tool is supported by most of the routers and gateways, and hence, one can easily access the network and gain the confidence of handling it remotely. Additional features such as turbo transfer and Reboot router function offers a hassle-free operation. In addition, one can also get to know the name of the network connected.

Benefits of Netgear Genie tool:

It aids in controlling the network remotely, and therefore, one of the biggest benefits is that it helps in easy debugging. In addition, one can also monitor the network settings, stream videos, get prints done from smartphones as well as get the entire traffic metrics through WiFi Analytics. Power packed with umpteen benefits, it offers full control over the network.

Ensure that this Technology is Properly used:

For proper functioning of this App, it is essential that the mobile or tablet is connected to the in-house network at the router mode since it does not work at routers guest network or access point mode. All the more, in case a wireless extender or repeater is being used, the chances are that the app will not function properly. Mywifiext offers support services to ensure that the App functions seamlessly, and in case, any trouble or issue is encountered, one can easily approach it via email or phone call.

Versions in which the Technology works:

Netgear Genie has recently been updated. It works best with the following versions:

  • Android – Version 4.2 or higher
  • Windows – Version 2.4.48
  • Mac OS -Version 2.4.48

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Netgear genie is a splendid app that lets you handle your network settings without any hassle. Once you set it up, you can easily scrutinize, connect, and manage your network settings. Both Windows and Mac operating systems are supported by the app. By using the app, you can identify and repair network problem,


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