Netgear ex3800 Extender

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Netgear ex3800 Extender Setup

Netgear WiFi range extenders help in boosting up the speed of existing WiFi signals receiving from main router. It creates a stronger signal where router slows down to provide the speed you need.

Be familiar with the installation process of your ex3800:

Before starting the installation process, familiarize yourself with the extender’s parts (LEDs, buttons, and port).

Side Panels of the extender include:

  • WPS button
  • Power On/Off button
  • Factory reset button
  • Ethernet port
  • The Power connector

Now, we come to the LEDs that indicate the connection between the devices, router, extender, and the access point.

  • Solid Green: Best connection (The extender is powered on).
  • Solid Amber: Good connection (The extender is boosting).
  • Solid Red: Poor connection.
  • Off: No connection (The extender is powered off).


  • Solid Green light indicates that WiFi security is working.
  • Blinking Green light indicates about a well-known WPS connection.
  • And if it is off, it indicates that the security of WiFi is disabled.

Note: Be certain about the WPS LED on the router and device. If it is amber or red; find the location within the range of extender.

  • Plug in the extender into the socket.
  • Better if placed into the same room where your router is placed, but it is only required during the setup process.
  • Wait for the power LED light to turn green.

When connected via WPS (WiFi Protected Setup), it gives you a secure WiFi network without asking you for any network name or password.

  • Now, all you have to do is just grab a laptop or desktop and pull up a web browser onto it. Go to the link.
  • Click on the new extender setup button when the setup screen display in front of you.
  • Once done, click on the Next button.
  • It will ask for the password. Fill in the existing WiFi network password and hit on Next.
  • Now, set the SSID and password for your extender and again hit on Next.
  • Hit Continue.
  • A popup will display, which says that your extender is connected to the new WiFi network.
  • Click Next.
  • A screen displays, which shows about the status.

Note: In all this process, make sure that your extender is placed within the range of router in order to get good signals.

After logging in successfully, go to Setup > Wireless Settings and reconnect your WiFi devices to the extender.