Netgear ex2700 Extender

Netgear Extender Setup

Netgear ex2700 Extender Setup

Netgear is a global networking company with its offices in around 25 countries. It covers a wide range of technologies which includes wired and wireless devices for broadband access, available in multiple configurations to address the needs of users, in every region all over the world. They not only do the publicity of their products to sell them, but also provide Tech Support for getting 100% customer satisfaction.

It’s now expanding its business in India for giving users the same network, security, and speed as it’s providing to the U.S. people.

Now let’s come to the point; how to perform Netgear Ex2700 Extender Setup

  • The very first thing you have to do is place the extender within the range of router.

Note: Better if place it in the same room. Once done, you can place it anywhere in range.

  • You have to be certain about that you should have the Internet connection directly coming from your main router. The speed of the Internet should be good.
  • Plug in the extender into a socket and wait for the power light to turn ON.
  • Connect a wired or wireless device to the extender.

Note: For wired connection, connect via Ethernet cable on the LAN port of extender.

For wireless connection, search for the WiFi network name. Once connected, a solid green light appears on your device.

  • For installation, pull up a web browser and enter You will be asked for username and password.
  • A popup will appear, click on Continue for setup.
  • Wait for a while to scan your network.
  • A list of available networks within the range of your extender appears.
  • Click on Continue after selecting your network.
  • It will ask for the password of your main wireless network.
  • Hit Continue.
  • SSID will be the name of your wireless network.

Note: You can also personalize security details i.e. the SSID and wireless password according to your preferences.

  • Click OK after a popup window appears, reminding you to keep a different SSID.
  • After that, hit Continue.
  • Now, it is cleared that the settings of your EXT have changed, but before clicking on Continue, you need to connect to your selected network.
  • You are connected to the new network. You can connect your wireless devices along with it.
  • To complete the installation, click Finish.
  • Next, you can place the extender to the preferred location.