How to Boost Your Internet Speed

In this world, everyone wants a prompt solution to their problems and they want their Internet should work the same. But the question arises how it is possible? Nothing in this world is solved with just one click and no one wants to stick to the desktop, everyone wants to be free.

No one wants to slow down when the Internet itself is in progress. When the Internet has achieved high-heights, why wouldn’t we? It becomes really annoying when the Internet slows down.

Now, the question occurs, how to boost up the speed of the Internet?

Reboot the settings of your home network:

  • As the modem picks up some signals which do not belong to you. Shutting down or rebooting the entire system results in the best to improve your signals strength.
  • Make use of the power button on your devices (extender/ router, wired or wireless devices) to turn them on/off or unplug or plug them again.

Note: Give your devices time of 30 seconds to one minute to follow the above process.

Avoid interference of the signals

  • Sometimes what happen not only the third party signals or devices come in the path of your network but also your daily use of house hold electrical devices interfere like hand blender, microwaves, door alarms, Bluetooth devices etc.
  • They all mess with your Internet connection and result in low connectivity.
  • What you can do is, turn of the devices or house hold gadgets that are not in use, if it is necessary to use them, move your modem away from them in a separate room or in a difference of 10-20 feet’s.

Always pay attention on the enable devices on your network:

  • If your family members are on the same network, downloading lots of stuff from the Internet, playing online games, watching videos online, going for online shopping or paying bills online. This is one of the big reasons, why your Internet speed slows down.
  • If possible, make the use of these devices as less as you can. Connect one or two devices at a time.

Place your device nearby your router:

  • Place your desktop or laptop nearby your router to get good signals. You have to be certain about your router that it should be placed in neat and open place. Do not place your router in cupboard or at the back of your device. By doing this, it will leads to the worst signals ever.

What more can you do:

  • Use up-to-date devices and WiFi technologies.
  • If you have router or the extender and you are living in neighboring area, there is possibility of interference of other networks. So, choose your network and get rid of them.
  • Protect your WiFi with secure password to avoid intruders and hackers.
  • Connect your regular router with the best running WiFi range extender.

You might be thinking about the range extender

Well, Netgear helps in giving comfort to customers for using the Internet without buffering and provide signals in every corner of the house even in backyard. As range extender expand the range of your router when connected with it.

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