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How to access your wireless home router if you forget the password

All wireless home routers come with a built-in web user interface to protect their security and privacy. This setup page allows users to customize networking and parental control settings and port forwarding – all with a username and password. However, to make new extender setup easy and safeguard its WiFi and LAN connection, users have to change the default login credentials. But what if you have forgotten the password? Well, there are a number of ways using which you can access your wireless home router without password.

In order to do so, you will need to reset your password and for this, you require default details.

Find out the default username and password

  1. Check the manual

Different models of access points come with a separate username and password combination. Therefore, in order to find out default credentials, you should search its manual booklet. But there are some users who throw away the manual as soon as they set up their device via mywifiext. In such cases, they can look for it on Internet by using their device’s make and model number.

  1. Go for a common username and password combination

Many users don’t familiar with the fact that all routers come with their own default credentials. Trying out a common combination of username and password is just like a hit and trial method.

  1. Search the sticker on access point itself

Given that some devices have a unique password printed on a sticker, so users can look for them to customize settings as per their choice.

In case none of the above-mentioned methods worked for you, then you can reset your equipment to factory default settings. Here’s how to do so:

Reset your router

Most of the routers include a tiny and hidden button called reset. Once you press this button, all configuration changes you have ever made to your device – e.g. parental controls, forwarded ports, custom passwords, network settings, etc. – all will get deleted.

In order to get started with reset procedure, look at the bottom or back side of your device. There, you will find a special, small reset button. All you have to do is merely press this button for a few seconds. Since it is placed in a hidden hole dubbed pinhole, so it’s recommended to use a pointed object like a paper clip to push it. When you release it, the equipment will reset on its own to the factory defaults and then reboot.

After the completion of reset process, you can access your device using default login details. You can change settings according to your preferences via (built-in setup web page).


Port forwarding without knowing a password

Almost all access points consist of an IP address meant for your network. However, they also include an external IP address that is intended to establish a connection outside of your network.

Router handles every simple computer request like loading web pages and automatically sends to their relevant spots. And ports make this procedure a piece of cake.

In case you desire to forward ports for a game, server or other types of networking program, you can do so by accessing your device’s web user interface. However, to get the job done, you don’t even require any password. You can also make use of this trick if you are accessing your friend’s network and don’t know the password.

This is because multiple devices provide support for Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) that enables your computer’s programs to ask the access point for unlocking ports for them. In case UPnP is turned on, it will open ports by itself.

To check whether your equipment supports this option or not, go to connection settings as well as port configuration. If not, don’t fret as you can utilize the program such as UPnP PortMapper to configure port forwarding.

That’s how you can access your wireless home router even if you forget the password. If you face any difficulty while performing the process, feel free to drop them in the comments section below. We will reach out to you shortly.